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"Adding layers of personality with pieces of furniture, art and collected treasures transforms a space into a home. Let me help create yours".


Abbey Hall has an extensive background of more than 20 years in the corporate world of marketing luxury hotels and resorts around the globe. Continual exposure to amazingly designed spaces ignited a passion for interior design and decorating.

"Having moved house 34 times I feel well versed and equipped to create a home in any space, whether it be an overseas rental, high rise apartment or a new home".

Hall has since turned her passion into a craft, completing studies at The Insight School of Design in Hong Kong and is an award - winning graduate of the Mercer School of Design In Australia.

As my desire and passion for beautiful interiors grew, I began experimenting, creating and re-creating areas in my house to establish what worked best for my most treasured items. I soon realised it's not just how the space looks that is most important, it is how it feels. It's about creating spaces that connect emotionally, transforming a space into a home.

The Hallmark, Abbey Hall interiors was established in 2017 and operates as a boutique interiors studio specialising in crafting stylish residential interiors.  

Complementing the interiors business, Abbey also created  MEET THE OTTOMANS, which features a collection of super chic custom made ottomans, each with unique character, personality and style,

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