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Having been submersed in the corporate world of marketing luxury hotels and resorts around the globe for 20 years, I had continual exposure to amazingly designed spaces. I observed the best hotel interiors were those that authentically reflected the destination and culture they were created in.


As my desire and passion for beautiful interiors grew,  I began experimenting, creating and re-creating areas in my house to establish what worked best for my most treasured items. Adding layers of personality with pieces of furniture, art and artefacts transformed my space into a home.


It's these qualities that I think are key in delivering a personalised and tailored space for individuals. Creating a home which reflects the style and personality of its residents is in my opinion "The Hallmark" of a great home! 


I have since turned my passion into my craft, completing studies at The Insight School of Design in Hong Kong and a recent graduate of the Mercer School of Design in Australia.

Abbey is a cut above the rest! She has an eye for detail, something that I certainly lack and knows how to put things together seamlessly. She is someone who will listen to your style/needs and work tirelessly to create a masterpiece that is simply flawless. Highly recommend!! 


Hong Kong

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